About Bobby Susser

Bobby Susser has written, produced and recorded original, easy-to-learn, award winning children’s songs since 1972, as well as internationally-acclaimed popular songs for all ages.
While his career began writing pop songs in the Brill Building, Bobby soon realized he had an affinity for making music specifically for children. Realizing a keen responsibility to the children for whom he was writing, he earned his M.A. Communication Arts and Sciences and Early Childhood Education, from Teacher’s College, Columbia University; in April 2013, he was honored with the College’s Distinguished Alumni Award recognizing him for his life’s work in music.

In June 2015, Bobby was honored by the Josephine Foundation at its annual “Follow Your Dreams” gala, for his lifetime of work and contribution to the arts through his music for young children. The Josephine Foundation supports programs for children in the arts and sports, both locally and globally. At the gala, Susser also received certificates of commendation from the New York City Council, The New York State Senate, and United States Congress.

In 2014, Bobby won an Independent Music Award for his co-production of ACTION MOVES PEOPLE, a Spoken Word collection of poems and songs with a strong message of self-understanding, self-empowerment and global oneness; Susser produced, wrote liner notes and contributed two pieces to the album. This collaboration was an enjoyable follow up to releasing his 25th children’s album -- WO! -- in April 2012, marking his 40th Anniversary of making music for children. Its gentle rock ‘n’ roll sound celebrates his musical origins, and celebrates a long career of creating music that is truly beneficial for children.

When recording his albums, Bobby works with several types of singers and musicians depending upon the song, style, and subject matter. He believes the performance, as well as the song, must be believable, honest, and sincere. These important qualities are the running threads throughout his original songs and activities. Listen to his songs and you’ll discover a serious and careful effort to help kindle imagination, empathy, understanding, compassion, and socialization in our children (in a most entertaining way), which are key elements in the development of self. Ignoring trends and staying true to the children has been the key to his success over the years, during which he has sold over 5 million albums.

Six times, Bobby has been awarded the Early Childhood News Directors’ Choice Award, Dr. Toy’s/The Institute for Childhood Resources’ "Best Children’s Vacation Products Award," "100 Best Children's Products Award," "10 Best Audio-Video Products Award," "Best Classic Products Award," "10 Best Socially Responsible Products," and received 6 "Parents' Choice Awards" for his ongoing series "Bobby Susser Songs For Children." He also contributed and recorded an official theme song to the world renowned St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

As the years go by, Bobby's songs and recordings continue to grow in popularity and importance for his old and new fans: parents, teachers, librarians, children, and others who have experienced the value of his songs. In addition, pop, rhythm n' blues, hip hop, and jazz artists also continue to show interest in Bobby's songs as they record them, and recognize his great capability of appealing to all age groups. 

Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, whose mission includes preserving and disseminating music from all over the world, has acquired Bobby Susser's New Hope Records catalog of award-winning music for young children. 'Bobby Susser Songs for Children,' a 12-album set to be released direct-to-digital September 9, features some of Susser's most highly acclaimed music, originally issued between 1994 and 2012. The new collection makes available songs that have become staples of America's children's music canon. As for the future, and Bobby Susser’s plans, he has said, “I’ll be writing new songs, recording them, and visiting young children with my work. What else would I do.”

Growing Up with A Song

The songs on these albums were written and produced so that young children may learn important lessons and concepts early in life, while having fun. I would like to express my appreciation to the wonderful vocalists, arrangers, musicians, and engineers who contribute their talents that help me in the making of my albums. I am also very grateful to the many teachers and parents, who throughout the years, have allowed me to express ideas and feelings to their children through the songs I have created. These songs for young children are a great part of my life. I look forward to my future endeavors, to take part in developing the self in each child through my songs, and to enjoy the sight and sound of children......growing up with a song.