Bobby Susser

For over 40 years, Bobby Susser has entertained and educated millions of children through his songs. In his new, 25th collection, containing 12 songs, titled WO!, he continues his work, and quite remarkably, sounds better than ever. The songs are joyful, optimistic, and lots of fun. They encourage the young listeners to sing along, dance, and/or exercise; they develop a sense of rhythm and oral expression, and promote the significance of friendship, and togetherness through appreciation and understanding of songs, and their ability to enrich our lives. The first song , Any Time Of Day, is an exceptional song that's very inviting as soon as it's heard, as are, The Wo Wo Song, Smiling Face, Oooh Good Morning, and all the rest. The entire collection is filled with very catchy songs that will have everyone singing and dancing, learning and having lots of fun.

Awards: Parents' Choice Award, Dr. Toy’s 100 Best Children's Products, Dr. Toy’s 10 Best Audio-Video Products

Bobby Susser Songs for Children may be purchased online through the Smithsonian Folkways, Amazon or your preferred seller of CDs and digital music by clicking the links below. When reaching each webstore, simply type in the name “The Bobby Susser Singers” to review, listen to and purchase all CDs.

Free Lyrics and Activities for Bobby Susser Songs

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