All Roads Lead To Home

Bobby Susser

The songs and activities in this collection were written and produced so that young children may appreciate "HOME" and "FAMILY", while singing and having fun. The songs were kept upbeat to help teach all children to FEEL the importance of a happy home and family. Family and home are essential to the core of a child's being, forever. It is no secret that throughout history, the family structure has broken down many times and continues to be one of the central issues in society. And, we need to make things better and better for our children. It's an ongoing duty of ours. Once children FEEL all the positives that may be derived from a happy, healthy home, and family, wherever that may be and with whomever, they can then carry those FEELINGS with them throughout their lives.

From the first song, "We're Never Far From Home" to the last, "70 (Bringin' It Home To You)", young children may be comforted by realizing that "All Roads Lead To Home" at age 2, 70, 90, and forever.

FOR AGES 2 To 8, Grades Pre-K to 3, including ESL and Special Education Children
Awards: Dr. Toy’s 100 Best Children's Products, Dr. Toy’s 10 Best Audio-Video Products

Bobby Susser Songs for Children may be purchased online through the Smithsonian Folkways, Amazon or your preferred seller of CDs and digital music by clicking the links below. When reaching each webstore, simply type in the name “The Bobby Susser Singers” to review, listen to and purchase all CDs.

Free Lyrics and Activities for Bobby Susser Songs

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