Here’s what teachers, parents and the media are saying about Bobby Susser!

“Bobby Susser still has lots of heart and a lot more songs in his pocket.” ~ The Huffington Post

“Bobby Susser has outdone himself. His albums are guaranteed to draw and engage his listeners.” ~ School Library Journal

“In the past 5 decades, Bobby Susser has recorded some of the best children’s albums, ever. " ~ Educational Dealer Magazine.

“Bobby Susser, you have outdone yourself. The songs, arrangements, performances and productions are flawless. I love all of them!” ~ Andrew Melter, Jazz Composer/Producer and Instrumentalist

“Exceptionally well written, produced, and performed  albums that entertain and educate children through songs. The finest!” ~ Songwriter’s Hall Of Fame

“Bobby Susser has the rare ability return to childhood at will. He is a Master at communicating, teaching, entertaining, and stimulating young children through his believable and original songs.”  ~ Manhattan School Of Music

“The themes for the songs, their simplicity (which makes it so easy  for children to pick up the melodies and sing along), and parent/teacher notes, make the albums ones that will be treasured by day care providers and teachers as well as parents” ~ Golden Entertainment

“Bobby Susser is unlike other children’s musical artists in that he writes for them, not for himself. He knows what catches their imaginations, and he brings that sensitive awareness to his very enjoyable songs. Favorites to play over and over.”   ~ Early Childhood News

“Bobby Susser is unusually prolific and  consistently does excellent work. His songs showcase his ability to relate to his very young audience in a most sensitive way.”  ~ Billboard Magazine

“We thank Bobby Susser for lending his talents in the way of songs, productions, and performances to the world of children’s music. He’s become a staple.” ~ Parent Guide

“Young children will enjoy Bobby Susser’s music as it helps them to understand rhythm and express feelings.” ~ Dr. Toy/Institute of Childhood Resources

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