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Review by Bobby Weinstein

This GREEN LIGHT could be the most entertaining, and all around creative albums that Susser has ever brought forth. The songs are delicious,and the arrangements and performances will ring your bell. 

Bobby Weinstein
Pres. Songwriter’s Hall Of Hame


Review by Tim Braden, Co-Publisher, Educational Dealer Magazine

I have been co-publisher of Educational Dealer Magazine for over 25 years. During that time period, I’ve had several opportunities  to listen to Bobby Susser’s songs for children. He never disappoints you, and with Green Light, he continues to rise above your greatest expectations. He has the ability to write the most catchy, melodic lines that children can easily sing along with, and lyrics  that teach in a most friendly and fun-like manner, also easy to sing. With a number of instruments like cow bells,       shakers,  several guitars, bass, pianos, a  section of horns and violins, and several percussive instruments,  Susser  covers a variety of subjects and a variety of musical styles that will keep children, and adults stimulated throughout this entire collection. With  these songs about Living in This World,  Thank You Mister Sun, We’re Gonna Laugh All Day, A Brand New Day,.and more, the musical styles from Reggae, Shuffle,  Rock n’ Roll,  Exercise, and a Rest Song will surely be placed at the top of your heap of favorite music for all age children.

  Tim Braden
  Educational Dealer Magazine


Review by Tim Battersby: GREEN LIGHT. BOBBY SUSSER

What shines through when you listen to the latest children’s album Green Light, by veteran songwriter Bobby Susser, is the sincere dose of positivity and happiness that he spreads liberally throughout each of the 12 freshly minted songs in this joyful outing. At the top of the set, I just Love Living in this World, blasts this catchy melodic record into the atmosphere with an addictively rhythmic finger snapping reggae song extolling the virtues of “so nice to be living here today,” preparing its young audience for a delightful 39-minute journey into the mind of one of America’s National Treasures. Susser pays attention to lyrical detail consistently emphasizing the importance of kindness, courtesy, laughter and fun.

The instrumentation on GREEN LIGHT is first rate, with fine performances by Paul Rubin and Fred Scheiman on Guitars, Peter Denning and Steve D’Natto on Keyboards, Cindy Bradley and Paula Atherton on Brass and Penny Whistle, Beatrice Fieldstone on Violin and Eddie Trawolski and Bob Walters on Bass and Doug Bender and Wally Hodge on Drums. Vocals are provided by The Bobby Susser Singers.

Thank You Mister Sun is a sublime song for children. Full of captivating images it espouses all that is good about the warmth and light the sun brings. It teaches kids important lessons on how flowers grow and how the sun melts the snow. All of this and more, along with a cheerful and memorable melody makes Thank You Mister Sun truly shine bright.

Mr. Susser is a Smithsonian Folkways Artist with over 50 years’ experience and a master’s degree in Early Childhood under his belt. Combine those stellar qualifications with his ability to write intelligent catchy songs for children and one can expect nothing less than an excellent album in GREEN LIGHT.

And the album never disappoints. A Song for Me and You makes this reviewer imagine I’m participating in a street carnival with floats and happy festive crowds. Bobby Susser encourages kids to understand that music can make them happy and teach them a thing or two, but what separates his latest album GREEN LIGHT from the rest of the pack, is the feeling of generosity and happiness he brings to song after song. Think Of Me As A Friend will melt any heart and keep you smiling all day.

Bobby Susser is a master of creating the hook line, and GREEN LIGHT underscores my point. Every song on GREEN LIGHT is clever, commercial and creative and in a perfect world each one of the 12 songs should become a huge hit in their own right. But just for now, kids around the world can be happy that on their drive to school each day, they can enjoy singing the songs on this beautifully crafted album.

Close your eyes tightly as you listen to We’re in this World Together and you might imagine that you are sitting in the front row of a hit Broadway show watching a magical story unfold before your eyes.
We’re in this world together, And it’s so nice to be here with you
We’re in this world together, Together we can turn any grey sky blue.

Dripping in “upbeat sensitivity” GREEN LIGHT is beautifully produced by Lou Gimenez and Bobby Susser.

Bobby Susser, lyricist and composer has reminded us all that “When it’s Right You’ll Know it.” And with his new album Green Light, I know it.

Tim Battersby was a contributor in the Arts and Culture section for The Huffington Post for 2 years from 2016- 2018. He won a Grammy as a contributing Artist in 2011. In 2010 he won a Grammy Nomination for his children’s album Sunny Days. He is currently sponsored by Taylor Guitars and has won 3 Emmy Awards for his work on Kids Place TV show. He has performed at The White House six times appearing in front of The President and First Lady of the United States. He has performed at The Kennedy Center in Washington DC and appeared on Sesame Street TV show.


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