“Green Light” 
Parents’ Choice Award Winner and Dr. Toy’s Best Product

What shines through when you listen to the latest children’s album Green Light, by veteran songwriter Bobby Susser, is the sincere dose of positivity and happiness that he spreads liberally throughout each of the 12 freshly minted songs in this joyful outing. At the top of the set, I just Love Living in this World, blasts this catchy melodic record into the atmosphere with an addictively rhythmic finger snapping reggae song extolling the virtues of “so nice to be living here today,” preparing its young audience for a delightful 39-minute journey into the mind of one of America’s National Treasures. Susser pays attention to lyrical detail consistently emphasizing the importance of kindness, courtesy, laughter and fun. Read More

Bobby Susser Songs for Children

Welcome to the official home of the award-winning young children's series “Bobby Susser Songs for Children,” Sung by The Bobby Susser Singers. 

We offer original music with easy-to-learn songs and activities for preschools, day care centers, early childhood settings, special needs and home use for all children. CDs include parent/teacher notes, suggested activities, and lyrics. Most albums are suitable for children ages 2-8 (Pre-K to Grade 3). AMERICA, WO!,  and Green Light are suitable for children of all ages. Home and Classroom tested. Over 5 million albums sold.

There are various schools of thought on what type of music is “right” for children. In truth, our lives sometimes dictate different music at different times. Let us look at some of the music from the viewpoint of age and developmental appropriateness. These ages will vary from child to child, which is why I often write “For Children Ages 2 - 8” on my collections. Children will developmentally be ready for different concepts at different ages. 

A good example of this is, Paul Simon’s “Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard.” For many reasons, known and unknown, the song appeals to children’s sense of rhythm. Here we can say, depending upon the child’s development rhythmically, he or she dances, moves, and claps hands to the exciting rhythm of the song, while not knowing the song’s meaning. A 3-year-old, or a 10-year-old may FEEL it. It’s “right.” However, we must not expect all children to ‘Get It.’

Therefore, we need to attempt to include some basic songs about numbers, shapes and colors for more basic lessons. It is here where it gets interesting. It’s been proven that young children like ACTION, and it’s a safe bet that exercise songs will likely strike a friendly chord for most young children. It is for this reason that when I record a collection of songs for children, I include an ACTION song or two. I think the idea of including a few Action songs as well as including a few more mature songs makes sense, and is considerate toward teachers’, and parents’ pocketbooks.

One collection, the one that suits their needs can do just fine, for the time being. If they can afford more than one collection, that’s fine too, but that decision should be made by the parent or the teachers. They should not be forced to purchase more than the collection that contains a bit of each subject. This Is not to say, that as creators of songs for children, we must never create an entire package of ACTION SONGS, MOOD SONGS, REST SONGS, etc. However, the final purchase decision is the consumer’s.

Most of all, believability, sincerity, and generosity are most important for a group of songs to be “right” for children. It is not that difficult to find or create. The singer’s willingness to share his inner feelings through song, will cement a relationship between the singer and the audience. When that happens, children know and FEEL the artist’s sincerity, and believability, and it is that sincerity that cements the relationship between the song and children. A child also FEELS the artists generosity. A generosity that keeps giving the song to the children.

There will be no doubt that songs that can accomplish this will be songs for children, and you’ll know the songs were “RIGHT. When It’s Right You’ll Know It. 

Bobby Susser 

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While having fun and being entertained by these songs, young children learn:
  • the benefits of why we are better together
  • brotherhood, world peace    
  • exercise, movement, and good health habits    
  • oral expression and vocabulary development through sing-alongs
  • feelings    
  • imagination
  • early childhood basic concepts     
  • the changing seasons
  • respect and confidence         
  • the need for one another
  • animals     
  • music and rhythm
  • home and family  
  • patriotism, hope and togetherness